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March 2021

Spring has Sprung!

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It isn’t just the flowers that seem to be growing and blooming this month! Above Adventure is coming along leaps and bounds too! It’s a very exciting and busy time for the Above Adventure team and we’re so excited to share some news with you!


  • We are still on hold with our Outreach Programme until restrictions are lifted.
  • We are currently taking the time to engage with new groups.
  • If you know a group that would benefit from free climbing sessions through our Outreach Programme or if you would like information on volunteering with Above Adventure, please contact:


  • You may have noticed our contractors EMTEC have been very busy at the church lately
  • They have cleared and prepped the Bouldering Hall in preparation for works & wall installation.
  • Scaffolding has been completed and they are ready to start work on preserving and fixing the outside of the church.